Susan Rowan Masters
Author and Playwright

Night Journey to Vicksburg


In the spring of 1863, thirteen-year-old Jubi and his young sisters run away from their Louisiana plantation for the freedom they hope to find on the other side of the Mississippi River.

Along the way they encounter a wounded Union officer who implores Jubi to bring crucial information to General Grant, a message which if delivered in time, just may help the Union win the Battle of Vicksburg.

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Jubi landed face first, hard on the ground, the sour taste of dirt in his mouth. He pushed himself to his feet. "Lieutenant Dunlap sent me!" he screamed, hoping someone – anyone – would listen.

"You got mud in your ears?" the man snarled. He took hold of Jubi and started dragging him toward the barge. Jubi's arm throbbed under the pressure of the man's bear-like grip.

"Let me go!" The more he tried to free himself the tighter the man held on. "Let me . . . ."

Suddenly the man halted.

Jubi squirmed around to see what had stopped him. Growling and threatening the man was a ragged, mud-covered creature. If it wasn't for Henry Long's hat now lying on the ground where the creature had dropped it, he might not have recognized the dog right away. In one swift motion, the man released Jubi and reached for his pistol. He pointed the slender barrel at the dog's head.

"Noooo!" In a flash of white fury, Jubi lunged forward and covered the dog with his own body.

The man began to curse. "Move aside or I'll shoot you, too."