Susan Rowan Masters
Author and Playwright

Teaching Guide: Libby Bloom

Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6

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"With a mixture of farce and affection, Masters tells the story of fourth-grader Libby Bloom, who embarrasses herself and fails and still carries on. Libby gets thrown out of chorus, not only for singing off-key, but also for burping during the star's solo. But when Libby is forced to play in the school band, she gets help from a sympathetic teacher, who encourages her to play the tuba and to make a difference in the school community. Libby practices hard, and, of course, the school concert is the climax of the story, but it's no formula success: even there, Libby fails and plays sour notes -- and then goes on to play the last song perfectly. Beata Szpura's exuberant cartoon illustrations express the comedy without condescension" -- Booklist

Libby Bloom is a humorous beginning chapter book that keeps the reader smiling, even through the serious parts. Among the thought provoking themes students will explore are family, friendship, activism, and self-confidence. This guide offers a variety of interdisciplinary tie-ins.


Tell students that, like Libby, big things get done by people making a difference in a variety of small ways. Leave students with this thoughtful question: Where can they make a difference?

Suggestions submitted by Joan Masters, certified teacher in N-6 Elementary and Special Education.